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Binder Band Hook & Eye Closure - Black

Binder Band Hook & Eye Closure - Black

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An adjustable binder that compresses the chest, this product has been medically approved and can be worn safely after top surgery. The binder helps counteract the swelling of the chest and promotes healing of the scars. This decreases the risk of oedema. This binder can be adjusted to size, depending on the amount of swelling. The Binder Band is also great for those who have medical conditions that affect breathing or who have sensory issues, as the tightness can be adjusted. The binder is made from a mesh material that moves with the body. This supports the movement of the lungs and ribs. This binder has hidden seams for ultimate comfort.

  • A short fit
  • Hook and eye closure on the front
  • 67% Polyamide, 33% Elastane
  • Designed and developed in Amsterdam, responsibly produced in Europe
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