The Rack Shack is a lingerie and bra fitting boutique, aiming to empower people of a variety of shapes, colors, and genders through lingerie. Located in the Bushwick neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York, we offer bras in sizes 28A through sizes US 44O and UK 44K, as well as lingerie in sizes XS-4X. We are LGBTQIA-friendly, everyone is welcome.
Proud retailer of Polish bra company Ewa Michalak

We are looking forward to seeing you at The Rack Shack! We are so excited to help you find a cute and good-fitting bra or sexy lingerie.

Laura, our store owner

Meet Laura Henny, owner of The Rack Shack
I had a G cup when I was 14 years old. Too often I came back from bra shopping feeling insecure, weird,and big. Options were limited, so I usually got stuck with a bra that could be my grandmother’s becausethey simply didn’t have anything else. I can still hear the voices of the ladies in the shop: “No darling, of course we don’t have that cute bra in your size.”

Eight years ago I moved to New York; a city of diverse women, a city that is supposed to have everything. However, I discovered that the lingerie market for bustier women is still very small, even in such a worldly city. On the Internet you can find endless brands, but it is so important to touch, feel and try on lingerie.  

Inspired by these experiences and emotions, I came up with the concept for The Rack Shack. A stylish and fun environment with knowledgeable and friendly staff that has love and respect for every body type. A place where everyone can feel sexy.
Lingerie with a signature style; a curated collection of different brands.

xo Laura