Bra Fittings

We always recommend coming in for a fitting because we can help you better that way. Bra fittings are not only about your size but also what bra shape works with your breast shape etc.
Being properly fitted is the key to wearing a good bra that will make you look and feel good. Choosing the right bra size and style for you can transform how you look in clothing and can even change your posture.
Different countries use different sizing systems. And even styles from the same lines are cut differently, giving a different fit for each individual bra. Everyone is shaped differently -- and at different times in our lives.
You do NOT need an appointment to get fitted. 
On average, we recommend setting aside at least half an hour for a fitting. A bra fitting can take anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour, depending on how many different styles you are looking for that day. If you’re looking for one specific item, your fitting can be as short as 15 minutes. If you’re looking to purchase a new bra and swim wardrobe it will probably take an hour.
In our brick & mortar store, we keep most of our stock in drawers, with a small selection of styles and sizes on display. This is the best way for us to keep our space organized. That said, feel free to browse but leave the drawers to us! If you'd like to see more or different styles then are on display, just let us know. We're happy to show you more options in your size!

Our online store is in sinc with our boutique. If you've been fitted with us before, you can select your size and see what we have in stock at the moment.

We are a very small boutique and do not have enough inventory to send everyone several sizes and styles.
Only shop online with us:
If you are confident in your knowledge of bra fit and sizing;
If you are familiar with the styles we carry;
If you are just looking to re-purchase a style and size that you already know works for you...
If the bra is a sexy time bra and you don't care that it fits perfectly.

Don't buy online if you:

Aren't sure how to tell if a bra fits;
Have never heard of these brands or sizes;
Don't want to worry about exchanges;
Want access to a wide range of styles and colours;
Want an expert to walk you through it all...