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Tight Tams

Grandpa's Trust Fund Speedos

Grandpa's Trust Fund Speedos

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She's a glamourous, glittery pair of swimwear that really comes alive under the sun.  The electric blue colour of the swimsuit combined with the phoenix pattern screams rich bitch who doesn't care about how they flaunt their sexuality and isn't embarrassed about living off grandpa's dime.  Swim Briefs come with two beautiful jade dragon charms attached to the drawstrings. 

  • Swim briefs are mid-rise
  • 82% Polyester, 18% Spandex
  • Care instructions:  ABSOLUTELY DO NOT PUT THE SWIMWEAR IN THE WASHING MACHINE.  Soak in water mixed with a light detergent or hand soap. Rinse the soap away and squeeze the water out gently without excessive twisting. Then hang dry. The jade charms are delicate, so don't swing them against hard surfaces and make sure the pieces don't get caught in the drain when washing or similar openings.

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