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Tight Tams

Galaxy Boys Speedos

Galaxy Boys Speedos

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Paying tribute to the power of queer femmes by creating three original characters born from a magical flame. 

The Purple Flame is kind, compassionate and nurturing. They know how to get things done with charm and finesse. 

The inspiration for the artwork came from Magic Knight Rayearth, FKA Twigs and the Fantastic Adventures of Unico, hence the unicorn and the 80s/early 90s style of anime drawing.

  • Swimwear's side height is 2 inches
  • Drawstring on the inside of the swimwear to tighten the waist if needed

Fit Tip:  Waist Size
XS 26-28" 

S 28-30"

M 30-32"

L 32-34"

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