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Crouching Tigress Not So Hidden Dragon Speedos

Crouching Tigress Not So Hidden Dragon Speedos

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Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon is a Chinese idiom reminding us never to underestimate anyone. They might be as fearsome as a dragon or as mighty as a tiger just waiting for the right moment to strike. 

When you wear Crouching Tigress Not So Hidden Dragon, no one is going to underestimate you.

This style comes with sparkling frog buttons meant to hold your sunglasses. Just stick the arm of your eyewear through the buttons and prance around the beach without worrying you'll lose them. 

  • Swimwear's side height is 3 inches
  • Drawstring on the inside of the swimwear to tighten the waist if needed

Fit Tip:  Waist Size
XS 26-28" 

S 28-30"

M 30-32"

L 32-34"

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