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Neva Nude

Pick 'N Mix Large Temporary Tattoo Pack

Pick 'N Mix Large Temporary Tattoo Pack

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These Tatz are PERFECT for your hands and arms!

Earthy options never looked so galactically good as with the Pick ‘n Mix Temporary Tatz by Neva Nude. These (inter)STELLAR choices range from fantastic feathers, hearts on the mend, planets, script and so much more! These picks can be easily applied to arms, hands, or ze body with a splash of water and a touch of love, so mix and match at will! Just be warned, these looks are sure to get you a Mr. Bulky! Suhweet! 

Each packet contains 1 to 20 life-altering looks (seriously, big thangs are coming your way). 

Why are Temporary Tatz So Awesome?

  • Hypoallergenic ink! 

  • Lasts longer than David Wooderson on his tenth prom night...DANG!

  • Illest designs on the planet! 

  • Combine designs various body parts and dare to (almost) bare! 

  • Self-adhering with an easy, peasy application (get that H2O and Let's GOOOOO!)

  • Easy to remove without GROSS residue. Phew!

  • Spice up your look; Get rough and tough, BB! 

  • Female owned and operated, BOOOYAH!

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