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Neva Nude

Blue Butterfly Kisses Large Temporary Tattoo Pack

Blue Butterfly Kisses Large Temporary Tattoo Pack

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Whether you’re seeking the harbinger of spring, the Oracle of Wonderland, bearer of Good Omens or a Metamorphosis, these beautiful butterfly effect temporary Tatz are for you! Apply to face, body, or hands for a whimsical, graceful, easy, breezy vibe! 

Each packet contains 1 to 20 life-altering looks (seriously, big thangs are coming your way). 

Why are Temporary Tatz So Awesome?

  • Hypoallergenic ink! 

  • Lasts longer than David Wooderson on his tenth prom night…DANG!

  • Illest designs on the planet! 

  • Combine designs various body parts and dare to (almost) bare! 

  • Self-adhering with an easy, peasy application (get that H2O and Let’s GOOOOO!)

  • Easy to remove without GROSS residue. Phew!

  • Spice up your look; Get rough and tough, BB! 

  • Female owned and operated, BOOOYAH!

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