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Bra Extenders

Bra Extenders

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Use a Bra Extender to make any bra band up to 2 inches larger.  Great for comfortably breaking in a new bra or customizing any bra for an individual fit.  The Bra extender also lays flat under clothing to go undetected whenever.

  • 6 per pack
  • 2 Nude, 2 Black, 2 White
  • One Size

How To Use:
1. To increase the length of your bra begin by putting on a back closure bra with the hooks on the front of the body.
2. Attach the Bra Extender to one set of hooks on the bra band, then do the same with the other set of hooks.
3. Spin the bra around the body so the cups face forward and put on as usual.

Care & Composition

  • Reusable if cared for properly by hand washing with mild soap and water then air drying
  • 100% Nylon with metal attachments
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