Shipping online orders
For now, The Rack Shack ships within the USA only. Orders are shipped via USPS. Items shipped will arrive 2-7 days after processing. Please allow for 1-2 weekdays for package processing. No orders are processed on weekends, holidays, or Tuesday. You will be advised of any delays.

Shipping t-shirt bras: In order to save on shipping costs we pack our t-shirt bras with the cups folded into each other. For everyday storage however, we recommend “sunny side up” in a drawer, the cups nested with other bras like it. If drawer space isn’t available, you can hang t-shirt bras from a hook or hanger, but even draping them over a chair back will do the trick! The goal is to prevent the cups from being crushed or wrinkled, to preserve their shape and structure and maximize your bra's life.

Product availability
Merchandise availability, prices and deals are subject to change without notice. We do our best to fulfill orders as quickly as possible. However, there is a chance that some items, sizes, or colors may be out of stock, which may result in a slightly longer than usual delivery time. When your order is processed, you'll receive confirmation verifying receipt of your order and confirming the availability and prices of all items in your order.