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Ewa Michalak

SF Czarny Gladzioch Button - Black

SF Czarny Gladzioch Button - Black

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The name of the bra in Polish can loosely be translated to "Plain One" in black.  Designed for women who prefer fuller coverage, the cups go round the breasts keeping them in place. Semi-padded bra with a higher bridge ideal for medium neckline.  Centers the breasts so they do not stick outside the contour of the body.  Lifts the bust giving it a rounded shape.   Perfect for soft and less firm breasts.

The bottom of the cups are made of shiny stable knitwear, using a special technological process which gathers and lifts the bust up as well as holding it at the right level.  The tops of the cups are made of double-layered elastic tulle adjusting to the shape of breasts, even if asymmetrical.

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