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Mermaid Magic Sparkling Salt Soak

Mermaid Magic Sparkling Salt Soak

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This shimmery, rose quartz-infused salt soak is scented with uplifting organic citrus oils to promote gentle detoxification and relaxation.

Salt is nature's original and most abundant healing crystal, with over 80 minerals to detoxify and replenish.

The mineral-rich salt helps to draw out toxins and stagnant energy while promoting a state of deep relaxation.

This soothing salt soak relaxes and restores both the body and mind.

Key Benefits:

  • Rose Quartz – Calms the heart + promotes peace + love
  • Pink Himalayan Sea Salt – The purest form of salt with 80+ minerals, prevents muscle cramping and aids in metabolism function
  • Sea Salt - Improves circulation of the lymphatic system, while magnesium + potassium help to relieve muscle soreness
  • Epsom Salt - Fights inflammation + reduces pain, helps the body detox from heavy metals and other toxins + relaxes the nervous system to promote restful sleep, relieve tension + soothe pain
  • Mica Powder - All-natural crushed minerals provide incredible natural luminescence and sparkle
  • Organic Bergamot Essential Oil – Mood enhancing + confidence building
  • Organic Lime Essential Oil - Invigorating + full of anti-aging antioxidants

crystal salt (pink Himalayan sea salt, sea salt, Epsom salt) one hand-selected rose quartz crystal, proprietary blend of pure essential oils, mica powder

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